First-Rate Tree Services in Dunwoody

If you own a home with a large yard you know what a big job it is to maintain your lawn and trees. This maintenance is important because weak or dead branches can cause damage to your house in a severe storm. It is also vital to service mature trees to keep them healthy and beautiful. If you live in Dunwoody there’s a top-notch professional company at your service.

Hernandez Tree Service is a local company that has earned a reputation for excellence and integrity. Their diligence and high safety standards make them the go-to choice for all your tree service needs.

Dunwoody’s Top Professional Tree Removal Service 

If you already have dead trees on your property, it is important to have them removed quickly by experienced pros. Hernandez has been removing trees safely for 21 years. The stumps and roots are also taken care of via our stump removal, stump grinding, and brush chipping services.

If you need your yard prepped for a deck or patio after removal, our bobcat service is here for you. We move dirt and plan the area so it’s a perfect canvas for your chosen builder. If you just want a beautiful lawn after we take care of your dead trees and stumps, we offer an efficient sod service as well.

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Hernandez Tree Service is ready to be your dependable partner for all your tree maintenance needs. Contact us today at 678-438-1464 for a free inspection and quote. Let’s keep your property investment safe and beautiful for years to come.